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November 7, 2021

$703 Million Granted to Improve Port Infrastructure Across the Country

Announced late last week the US DOT made public that they will be funding 41 projects across 22 states and the American Samoa. $703 million will be distributed across these projects to support infrastructure in hopes to aid in alleviating some of the supply chain back up, create clean energy to reduce emissions produced by these ports, increase offshore wind power, and ultimately create new workforce opportunities in these areas. 60% of the funds will be used towards historically disadvantaged communities.

Alaska is being granted $112 million across 4 projects. The senator of Alaska stated, “As I often say, Alaska is a resource-rich but infrastructure-poor state. The Port of Alaska is critical for Alaska’s supply chain and America’s national security,” She later stated, “These infrastructure improvements will provide several Alaska communities with the ability to safely and efficiently transport goods to and from their communities, benefitting both local communities and the national supply chain.” Infrastructure and food insecurity has been a problem across the state. With the aid of the projects and improvement, this can potentially lighten, pushing them a step forward towards a solution.

California is another top recipient of these grants and plan to use these funds across 6 projects. As seen in headlines since 2021, California ports have been notorious for being congested. The sense of urgency to help California and its ports will unequivocally be helped through these funds. Aside from using the funds for capacity issues, they will also be using $30.1 million towards implementing electric tractors and phasing out diesel tractors.

Just as Alaska and California will benefit greatly from these funds so will the other 20 recipients of these grants. The Biden administration have taken initiative in prioritizing the nations ports and supply chain terminals with an overall bigger picture of aiding with clean air and the benefit of the surrounding communities in mind.